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need not be repulsive at all to their sons. They
will be impoverished anyhow. The stars in their
courses are seeing to that. And that will help
them greatly to realise that an administrative
and constructive life may be far more interesting
than a life of mere acquisition and spending.
From administrative control to administrative
participation and then to direct administration
are easy steps. They are being taken now, first
in one matter and then in another. On both sides
of the Atlantic. Reluctantly and often very
disingenuously and against energetic but dimin-
ishing resistances. Great Britain, like America,
may become a Socialist system without a defini-
tive Revolution, protesting all the time that it is
doing nothing of the sort.
In Britain we have now no distinctively edu-
cated class, but all up and down the social scale
there are well-read men and women who have
thought intensely upon these great problems
we have been discussing. To many of them and
maybe to enough of them to start the avalanche
of purpose that will certainly develop from a clear
and determined beginning, this conception of
Revolution to evoke a liberal collectivised world
may appeal. And so at last we narrow down
our enquiry to an examination of what has to be
done now to save the Revolution, what the